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No Way

Fictional Film / 1:25:41
Above video is trailer

WONG Tin Yu, Tommy 王天宇
2020 BA Creative Media graduate



Through the three chapters of the film, the life described by nihilism has no objective meaning, namely “Teetotaler”, “High Wire” and “Rebirth”. Presenting my aesthetic expression of these ideas in the film, I want to ask through this film, “Does human choice shape what it means to be one?” and “Rebuild the new through the “death” of the old value or meaning.”

Artist Statement

“Life existence has no objective meaning, purpose”

From the emergence of religion to the rise of science, we have been seeking explanations and value to the world. In the process of seeking answers, we inadvertently impose some social constraints and values on ourselves to some extent. These chains and values may cause us pain and despair.

The three chapters correspond to three negative values “revenge”, “crazy” and “guilt”. The character steps towards death, the old value disappears/dead following the character’s pace.


從宗教的出現到科學的興起,我們一直在尋求對世界的解釋和價值。 在尋找答案的過程中,我們無意中在某種程度上強加了一些社會約束和價值觀。 這些鏈條和價值觀可能使我們感到痛苦和絕望。

這三章對應於三個負值“復仇”,“瘋狂”和“內疚”。 角色走向死亡,舊有的價值隨著消失。

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